Ciselier Pallarès Solsona 8″ Primera Everyday Kitchen Scissors, Spain – Ciselier Website $119

Until one handles a pair of artisanal handcrafted scissors of this particular calibre, one honestly doesn’t know what one is missing.

For decades I’ve struggled with innumerable pairs of what where, in retrospect, ultimately crappy scissors, even those pricier ones from well-known kitchenware brands, and never really thought that it was time to up my scissors game.

Until now, or rather five weeks back, that is.

It’s hard to explain just how much metal-on-metal pleasure these things have brought to my life; sometimes it’s the smallest of things that make all the difference, and now I find myself questioning how on earth I persisted without such exquisite instruments for my first five decades upon this planet.

Now this may all seem like the most ridiculous of hyperbole (they aren’t a sponsor BTW! …yet), but these things are such a sheer delight to hold, and beyond all of that fetishization, even more gratifying to actually use for their intended purpose. The mechanism itself is truly a thing of pulchritude, and an utter dream to open and close; it’s so silky smooth and tight fitting.

And they make some pretty short work when taking apart a whole chicken, even more so with the Pallarès 8″ Professional Cocina scissors ($145), which by complete coincidence my wife bought me as a late birthday gift.

Did I ever think I would be gushing like this over two (four) handcrafted pieces of metal?



And yet here we are…

I was originally going to write a review of these back in December, as they make for the most thoughtful of gifts for your more discerning family and friends. Unfortunately the chaos of the Xmas/NY season got the better of my scheduling, and even after interviewing Ciselier’s fantastic Maggie Fox for the website, I never did find the time to write that review.

Feeling a little guilty this January, I felt it was about time to express my gratitude for being sent a pair for review purposes.

Do consider getting a pair of these, as I can promise your life will be all the better for it.

5 apples out of 5

(Five out of a possible five apples)


Ciselier Alpen 4.5″ Schoolhouse Righties, Premana, Lecco, Italy – Ciselier Website $25


Review courtesy of our eight-year-old son:

They have a nice weight and are nice and sharp. I like that they are safe at the end.

They are good for cutting GOOS paper [I had to look this up – Ed.], thin paper, thick paper, stickers, cardboard, and tape.

I really like that they are all made of metal and that they don’t feel like a cheap pair of plastic scissors. Metal scissors are my favourite now.

They hold my fingers well, but soon they will be a little bit too small for me [hence the 4.5 apples score – Ed.].

(Four and a half out of a possible five apples)