In parallel with his vocation as one of Canada’s most talented Sommeliers (In 2021 he was named Best Sommelier of Canada by the Canadian Association of Professional Sommeliers), Pier-Alexis Soulière has a truly fascinating side hustle.

In homage to the endeavours of his forbearers, today Pier crafts and distributes small amounts of fine artisanal maple syrup, founding P-A Soulière Sélection Ltd in 2019 after returning from a sojourn working in California.

His hometown, Saint-Pierre-Baptiste, Quebec is considered to be located in the Burgundy of Canada’s maple syrup production, and it is from here he produces his two cuvées (Cuvée Roger & Cuvée Saint-Laurent).

Pleading my ignorance upon the topic, Pier was kind enough to take me on a Quebec maple syrup 101…