La Guardiense winemaker Marco Giulioli gives us a deep dive into the Falanghina grape.


I’ve had a certain fascination for the Falanghina grape ever since I attended an excellent tasting with today’s GFR guest, La Guardiense winemaker Marco Giulioli, and Cave Spring winemaker, Gabriel Demarco, back in early 2019.

It was upon that day I began to understand the true potential of Falanghina, and began seeking out as many examples of this ancient Campanian variety as I could find.

In Part One of this in-depth look at Falanghina’s relationship with terroir, we learn why Marco has such a passion for one of Italy’s oldest (alongside the historied Aglianico) grape varieties.

Look out for Part Two next week, followed a week later by a detailed virtual tasting of the excellent La Guardiense Falanghina mixed case being offered by The Vine Agency in the coming months.


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