Whitehall Lane's Tom Leonardini in the cellar at Barberian's Steakhouse.

Whitehall Lane’s Tom Leonardini in the cellar at Barberian’s Steakhouse.

Just when you think you have it all figured out, along comes a fellow like Tom Leonardini.

After many years of understanding (and preaching) that only the hillside vineyard sites of the Napa Valley are capable of nurturing the finest of wine grapes, I find myself in the wine cellar of Barberian’s Steakhouse sampling the wines of Whitehall Lane.

Intrigued by just what such fertile soils bring to Whitehall Lane’s wines, I cornered Tom Leonardini… and asked him what was going on…

Tom’s family’s very accessible and tasty Napa Valley wines are available through The Vine Agency.



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Jamie Drummond - Good Food RevolutionEdinburgh-born/Toronto-based Sommelier, consultant, writer, judge, and educator Jamie Drummond is the Director of Programs/Editor of Good Food Revolution… And those wines exhibit some damn good value.