by Malcolm Jolley

Vegetarian author, teacher and Fair Trade activist Nettie Cronish has mellowed a bit. When her own kids demanded a little bit of meat in their diet, Cronish decided to bend a little and adopt a flexitarian point of view. This relaxed, albeit enthusiastic, attitude to food comes across in her new book Everyday Flexitarian, which she’s co-authored with herb expert Pat Crocker. Right on the zeitgeist of reducing the amount of animal fat in the North American diet, Everyday Flexitarian, offers two versions of each recipes (one with meat, one without) so vegetarians and carnivores can live in peace and we can all do ourselves and the planet a favour by being a little more thoughtful about how much meat we eat and how it was raised. In the video below, filmed at Toronto’s dish cooking studio, I ask Cronish about the book and her approach in the kitchen.

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This spring and summer Nettie Cronish is teaching cooking classes at GTA Loblaws, The Big Carrot, Aprhodite Cooks, The Bayview Village and Kingsway LCBOs and Nella Cucina.

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