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Winery in Hastings County!

My name is Andrew Redden and I’m the Economic Development Manager for Hastings County situated in beautiful East Central Ontario.  In economic development, we work hard to drum up attention to try and attract the “needle in the haystack” – that entrepreneur who’s out there somewhere wanting to open up a business in our region.

Then that day comes when the “stars align” and we learn the details of an investment decision!  That day happened to me a while ago when Sandor Johnson informed me of his dream to open a winery in Hastings County, near the Village of Tweed.  What!!!!???  A winery in Tweed!!!  You probably thought that was only possible in Niagara Region or Prince Edward County!  Well, read on.

Sandor Johnson with his wine and a model of his new winery

Sandor never really went public with his decision to open a winery until this past weekend.  At a special Business Forum in Tweed, Sandor described himself and his plans for the Potter Settlement Vineyards and Winery.

After growing up near Tweed, Sandor graduated from university and received a Master’s in Journalism from Carleton University.  He landed a job with CNN in Tokyo and started a modeling career.  He’s worked with Versace, GQ, Armani and DKNY.  He even acted on the American soap opera All My Children.

Despite the excitement of traveling the world, he’s been dreaming of his winery in Hastings County and has invested a great deal of time and money finding the right grapes to grow.  He now has 10 acres of grapes which include Frontenac noir, Gris, Blanc, Marquette, Marechel Foch, and Petite Pearl.  He describes Hastings County as a “nascent wine region” since other neighbouring property owners are indicating a desire to follow Sandor’s footsteps now knowing that it can be done.

I had the pleasure of enjoying some of the wine that Sandor has made, and it’s some of the best wine I’ve ever had!

Sandor hopes to have a new building constructed on the property soon, and I can’t wait because I look forward to visiting to purchase more of that fantastic Hastings County wine!

If you would like to learn more about our nascent wine region and invest, contact us today!  1-866-321-9563 ext. 4011 or reddena@hastingscounty.com

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4 Responses to Winery in Hastings County!

  1. Joey Walsh says:

    From Sandor’s dad digging up the land to his brother the oenologist its a true family affair! The unique wine produced from grapes grown in Tweed will be highly sought after. I’ve also tasted the wine and thought it was awesome! Maybe one day you’ll get the chance as well…..

  2. Deb FB says:

    I’ve lived in the Quinte area since last October after moving from Oakville. I’m always open to trying new wines. Are any of his wines for sale anywhere?

  3. Steve Latchford says:

    How can one go about getting in contact with Sandor? I have a little experience in the Canadian Wine Industry that I can volunteer if he needs some help. Plus Im from the area originally…..

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