by Zoltan Szabo

2010 Antoine Moueix Merlot – Bordeaux
Such pleasant surprise here, picked up lunch from the tavola calda at the Sobey’s on St. Clair East (two cute, elderly (possibly) Italian women do the cooking, so tasty) on Friday, after a grueling LCBO lab tasting of about 50 wines: veal parmigiana, grilled sausages and peppers, rustic – roast potatoes and dill pickles. This wine was just delivered and I was looking at the bottle and literature that came with it with a bit of curiosity. Anyway, sat down for lunch with Fenyő and asked her if she’d like a glass of wine, and opened the bottle. Fruit-forward, the wine was immersing  the glasses with cherry-plums and polished oak notes; medium bodied with great flesh and mouthfeel, supple tannins and warm spice accents over the fairly long finish. Finished the bottle easily.  It’s $12.95, believe it, or not, available at the LCBO (# 245860), and I tell you what, this is a wine that you buy a case of. Take my word.
4 apples out of 5

All scores are out of five apples.

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