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We’re back

Malcolm Jolley and Jamie Drummond

Malcolm Jolley and Jamie Drummond

Jamie and I are very pleased to report that Good Food Revolution is once again publishing and adding content after an involuntary hiatus of a couple weeks. It even has a new look, which we hope you like and find an improvement on the old one. As we get more familiar with the new site, we’ll introduce more features and ways to organize our content in convenient and sensible ways (well, not too sensible, but at least easier to use.)

We extend our apologies for being static lately. A glitch in one of our databases alerted us to a bigger problem on the back-end of our site, which made a switch from our old hosting service to a new one a business necessity. Although every page of content from our first edition on January 1, 2010 has been moved over to the new GFR site, the back-end architecture that supports them (about 3,000 of them, as a matter of fact) and new pages to come has been completely rebuilt from the bottom up. A big job, but now that it’s done, Jamie and I look forward to getting back to writing, taking pictures, shooting videos and telling stories about the amazing women and men who make good food, and wine, and beer, and whatever else we find.

Please enjoy, and let us know what you think…

Malcolm Jolley edits Good Food Revolution with Jamie Drummond.


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