Malcolm Jolley checks in with Tromba Tequila’s co-founder Eric Brass.

I recently met PR pro who helped me set up an interview with a local innovator. It all worked out, and she sent me an email asking if I’d be interested in any of her other food or drink related clients. Sure, I replied, like who? Her answer was Eric Brass, who co-founded Tromba Tequila with his Mexican and Australian business school friends, and master distiller Marco Cedano about seven years ago. Absolutely, I  replied and then explained that I had interviewed Eric way back in 2013 just as Tromba was getting going (click here), and wrote about him and the Tequila again in 2016 (click here) as Tromba was really gaining traction. I was due for an update. If it’s possible to make Tequila for a wine lover, then I think Tromba fits bill. There’s a salty mineral quality to the brand, and a kind of vibrancy. I was struggling a bit to find the vocabulary to describe it’s taste and Eric suggested that it basically just tastes like Tequila, which is actually kind of a rare thing. In any event it came to be that Eric came by my office recently with a bottle each of Tromba’s additive free, 100% agave Blanco, Reposado, and Añejo for a quick tasting and to shoot the video below to reveal what’s new with Tequila Tromba.