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Jean-Rémy on Champagne Victoire Brut Rosé

Malcolm Jolley talks to Jean-Rémy Rapeneau about excellent value Champagne…

As Jamie wrote in this post a few years ago, the Victoire brand of Champagne, made by the Rapeneau family at G.H. Martel, consistently offers great value, especially when compared to the big name corporate brands. The Rapeneau’s have good news for those of us in Ontario who would like to drink more Champagne more of the time: their Champagne Victoire Brut Rosé ($45.95 | 16396) has been put on the LCBO’s General List of products, which means it will be widely available in most stores across the province. And just in time for the holidays. It’s red fruit forward with refreshing acidity and is as easily adept as an aperitif before a meal, or palate cleanser afterwards. I set up a Zoom call with Jean-Rémy Rapeneau, who is in charge of sales, to find out more about his family, the Brut Rosé and how they manage to keep their prices relatively low for the video interview below.

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