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Chefs Congress Fish Fry

Looking out over the magnificent Bay of Fundy

Good Food Revolution spent Sunday night in one of the most beautiful spots in Canada with many of the country’s best Chefs.

The Canadian Chefs’ Congress recently took place in Grand Pré, Nova Scotia on the 17th and 18th of September, with delegates from all over Canada coming together for discourse, dining, and drinking… in no particular order. It was a sharing of ideas fuelled by some truly delicious food, wine, and beer.

Good Food Revolution were there to capture the action on the night of their Nova Scotian Fish Fry with fish provided by Sustainable Blue, and what a night it was!

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  • Grumpy, Bashful, and Happy in my wee cottage at Roselawn, Nova Scotia at the end of the night
  • A little bit of great traditional folk music at Paddy's Pub, Wolfville
  • The George Brown Streetgang led by big, bad, John Higgins
  • Cornel Ceapas (Acadian Sturgeon) and Johnny Flynn (Colville Bay Oysters)
  • Chef Michael Statlander was serving up one of the most delicious dishes
  • Fried Bream, Preserved Vegetables, Piglet Broth, with a little Acadian Sturgeon courtesy of Michael Statlander and crew
  • Biff's Chef Amanda Ray and her two lovely pals, Alexander Guerra and Pater Hardy of Ashwood Ridge Farm, Nova Scotia
  • The smells from this grill were simply irresistible
  • Looking out over the magnificent Bay of Fundy
  • Chef Anthony Walsh and his "You're So Nasty" T-Shirt
  • Elizabeth Charlton and Warren Young of Slow Dough
  • Traditional Butter Tarts from Slow Dough
  • The best Fish Fry ever
  • Chef Craig Flynn welcomes us to the Fishfry
  • Grilled Sea Bream Po'Boy with Chow Chow Remoulade, Watermelon, Local Feta, and Mint Salad
  • Canoe's Char Bannock BLT, Bacon Marmalade, Local Greens, and Tomatoes
  • Charles Baker (Stratus), Dick Snyder (City Bites), and Paul Alsop (IDMG)
  • Everyone was having a jolly good time
  • Making some new friends, including Daryl Cail of Sustainable Blue
  • Adam was trying to pick up all night... and he pulled Chris Whittaker of Forage Vancouver
  • Jonas Statlander and Paul Harber (Ravine)
  • Stephen Gash, Peter Gamble, and friend
  • Peach Salad and Roasted Vegetables from Kriss Cross and Emily Snider, Muskoka
  • The Flying Apron's Mackerel Gravlax with Local Herb Cream, Butterfried Mashed Potatoes, and Red Onion
  • The crew from The Flying Apron, Nova Scotia
  • Chef John Horne from Canoe... Supertaster?
  • David Cohlmeyer and Chef Jamie Kennedy
  • Cornel from Acadian Sturgeon and Ken "Man of" Steele from JK
  • The Oceanwise/Seachoice Posse
  • Anita Stewart in the house!
  • Girls Gone Wild: East Coast Edition
  • Chefs Paul Harber and Ryan Crawford from Ravine and Stone Road Grill, Niagara
  • Jeremy Charles and Jeremy Bonia of Raymond's, Newfoundland
  • Chef Craig Flynn welcomes us to the Fishfry
  • Director of Sustainable Blue John Charlton donated all of the fish for the evening's festivities
  • David Cohlmeyer and Chef Jamie Kennedy... Rock On!
  • Canadian Chefs Congress

Edinburgh-born/Toronto-based Sommelier, consultant, writer, judge, and educator Jamie Drummond is the Director of Programs/Editor of Good Food Revolution… And it was great to see such great representation from Ontario… and to make loads of new friends!

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