Today I’m writing to you as a board member of Grapes for Humanity, to share news about our 2024 Virtual Charity Wine Auction.

We are excited to announce the upcoming Grapes for Humanity Charity Wine Auction, in partnership with Waddingtons, is scheduled for April 12th to 22nd, 2024. Thanks to your generosity, our charity wine auctions have raised over $1.4 million to benefit communities and the environment.

This year, we kindly request your consideration in donating wine or experiences to our auction, which will directly contribute to the fight against climate change and support humanitarian causes. Your generous donation will provide much-needed funds and hope during this time of environmental and humanitarian concern, and you will receive a charitable tax receipt for the appraised value of the wines you contribute. Additionally, for donated experiences, you will receive a receipt based on their fair market value.

In addition to wines, we would like to highlight that experiences performed well at our auction. These experiences, curated to provide unique and memorable moments, garnered significant interest and contributed significantly to our charitable efforts. We encourage you to consider donating either wines or experiences that hold sentimental or extraordinary value. Your generosity in any form will make a meaningful impact.

The United Nations emphasizes the need for “ambition and action” to confront these challenges. Grapes for Humanity shares this ambition and, with your support, we aim to make a difference at this critical juncture. Your donations will benefit climate action leaders such as Tree Canada, The Nature Conservancy of Canada, and The Halo Trust, who are engaged in heroic efforts, including those in Ukraine.

We want to express our gratitude in advance for your contribution by donating some of your classic wines from your cellar or unique experiences to our auction.

Please click here and download the wine donation form.

Please click here and download experiences donation form.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Bernard Stramwasser
Founder & President, Le Sommelier.