Nicholas Pearce presents a private order of Elios: Best of Sicily…

Sicily will always hold a special place in our hearts – a land of uncompromising beauty, warmth, agriculture and of course, viticulture! We were fortunate enough to connect virtually with Nicola and Guido last year and from then have hardly been able to contain our excitement at the opportunity to bring these wines to Ontario. Without further ado, let us present, Elios.

Elios was born from the passion of these two young Sicilian friends. With a true love for their land, they joined together to develop their families’ farms and to bring them to their full potential after finishing their university studies. The farm and vineyards are located near Palermo in north west Sicily. Along with olive groves and an apiary, they grow the native Sicilian grapes grillo, catarratto, zibibbo and nero d’avola on their organic vineyards.

Elios prides itself on making minimum intervention, low sulfite wines with native Sicilian, organic grapes grown between Alcamo, Camporeale and Monreale; areas all located in the north-west part of Sicily. The wine making focuses on respect for the varietal, and aims to deliver an easy drinking, approachable style.

These pure, organic and downright delicious wines from Sicily will be arriving in March.


This is a Winery-direct offer. Place your order before January 16th and receive your case of wine in 10 weeks. To reserve your case of wine you only need to pay a $50 deposit today, the balance will be invoiced on arrival.


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