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La Presserie’s Cold Pressed Dressings

Malcolm Jolley talks to La Presserie founder and CEO Adolph Zarovinsky…

Adolph Zarovinsky is a veteran of the Canadian food business and his latest venture, La Presserie is known primarily for their cold pressed fresh juices. Among La Presserie’s innovations is a propriety flash-freezing process that means their juices aren’t subject to flavour killing pateurization. Recently Zarovinsky and his team have developed a line of preservative free salad dressings using their fresh juices. When La Presserie’s PR people reached out to me I accepted their offer of a some free samples of the dressings, and performed a few taste tests with my family around the dinner table. The salad dressings got the thumbs up and I asked if I could interview Zarovinsky to find out more about the dressings and how they are made. Our Zoom conversation is the basis for the video below.

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