Malcolm Jolley finds a bargain from the Mâconnais at the LCBO…

For the past few years the Vins de Bourgogne has taken up a Quixotic fight to get English speaking wine journalists to refer to their wines by the French name of the region. So, for instance, on the English version of their website, one finds reference to Bourgogne wines. I’m not sure why and, in any event, like most of my colleagues I find it hard to ignore 500 years of anglophone culture heritage and find it’s easier for me and my readers to stick with the tired and true name of Burgundy. Not that I find myself typing it very often. Whatever they may be called, the wines of Burgundy enjoy a reputation that only attracts admirers, and wines from villages that used to cost around $20, when I started writing on the subject, are now routinely closer to $40, and hardly need to be ‘discovered’. So, when there is the occasional Burgundy that cycles through the LCBO Vintages program for $20, like the Domaine de Rochebin Mâcon-Azé Chardonnay 2019 (LCBO# 156943 | $19.95), I am keen to try it and spread the good word if its well made.

The 2018 Rochebin is well made and presents a harmonious balance between round fruit and tangy acid. Notes of peaches finish into lemon. This is a great aperitif wine to go with snacks at the beginning of a backyard dinner on a warm summer night. Or it could happily pair withwhite fish, salmon or salad Niçoise. At $20, it’s certainly worth a try.

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