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Dry Roasting

Why sear? Searing was once widely thought of as the way to keep moisture from escaping during the cooking process. Food scientists have proved the theory of moisture loss false. However, searing does accomplish an important task: Enhanced flavour!

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Jamie Drummond on Food and Wine #45 Arron Barberian (Barberian’s)

This week’s videocast comes live and direct from the splendid cellar of Toronto’s Barberian’s Steak House and Tavern. After some persuasion we somehow managed to convince the illustrious restaurateur Arron Barberian to sit down with us for a chat about his storied establishment and his personal philosophies concerning meat and, of course, steak. Never one to pull his punches, the ever-articulate and most entertaining Mr. Barberian tells us exactly how he sees things… and then some.

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