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The Season for Homemade Soda is Approaching at dish

To make soda, all you need is a tall glass of ice, some homemade syrup and carbonated water. Sometimes called an Italian soda, you can get one of these from Starbucks, Second Cup or many independent cafes, but they’ll likely be using Torani syrups, which include preservatives, artificial flavours and sweeteners.

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Spanish Tapas Class at Dish

All you need for this tapas class is the spirit of sharing and a love of rich food! Chef Lisa Paul shows you how to prepare the perfect party fare: tasty tapas served family style. These Spanish regional dishes pair local ingredients with exotic flavours.

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Go The Whole Hog at Dish Cooking Studio

Join Ryan Donovan (Marben, Cowbell) and Dennis Harrison of Dingo Farms and explore the wonders of the heritage pig, from nose to tail. Literally! Learn what cuts come from where, and which work best for grilling, brining, braising and roasting. We will lead you through the basics of butchery, charcuterie and beyond. Chefs everywhere revere the pig… This class will teach you why.

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