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Go Smoke and Get Fat – Pairing Savoury Foods with Icewine

The crucial element in Icewine, however, is acidity, lifting its weight, but also enhancing food flavours. Savoury foods seem to work very well with Icewine, salt and spices also, but maintaining a smart balance is advisable. Weight and texture come into playing an important role and in my view, similarity makes the pairing good.

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Donald Ziraldo’s New Icewine

Donald Ziraldo has put his name on the labels of the new 2008 vintage icewine product line from Equifera Estate. The man who popularized icewine in Canada poured a Riesling and Vidal version of the wines to journalists and guests at a launch party on January 30 at Toronto’s Rosewater Supper Club.

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Sweet, sparkling, sensational…

Sweeter wines and icewine in particular can be a nightmare to pair but trust Chef Patrick to have a unique and yummy solution — Buffalo Style Chicken with Blue Cheese “Schmeer” (or “dip” for the more refined). Downtown goes uptown; pub grub goes gourmet. This is a match made in heaven and for our “earthlings” this is a PERFECT match for our Medium Dry Riesling.

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Food & Beverage Students from George Brown Pick Icewine Grapes at Stratus Winery

It was minus 11°C with gusty 50 km/hr winds howling around us; previously fallen snow was swirling about the vineyard with new snow falling on us. It was 9:00 pm at night and our only source of light came from our chartered bus, friend’s cars and a tractor. This made the task a bit more challenging but we kept busy breaking off canes and watching grapes fall into the covering nets.

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Ziraldo’s New Icewine

by Malcolm Jolley Donald Ziraldo points at a dilapidated shack of a building on the family property he’s planted fifteen new rows of Riesling vines, and tells me, “You’re looking at the original Inniskillin...

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