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Canyon Creek’s Locavore Experiment

Canyon Creek’s Executive Chef, Mark Jachecki, has brought forward limited time “Local Harvest” menu that may be exactly what the good food revolution might look like as the local food movement moves from fine to mainstream dining.

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Savouring Elgin – A Delicious Discovery

One of the highlights of my exciting career as Executive Director of the Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance is the opportunity to discover all that our vast province has to offer. Several weeks ago I had the opportunity to visit Elgin County, two hours southwest of Toronto, and to be honest, it went far beyond my expectations!

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Animating Good Food Ideas

Eating seems to be getting really difficult. Every day we’re faced with big, moral, ethical, and not to mention personal questions when standing in the grocery aisle. Where is our food from? How was it made? What rare lynx was harmed in the gathering, transporting, storing of this flawless, shiny mango-tangerine hybrid?

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