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Edulis By Night

Having already interviewed Tobey Nemeth and Michael Caballo about the opening of their new Niagara Street restaurant Edulis earlier in the year, we felt that the time was right to pay them a little visit and see how they were...

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Niagara Street Cafe: A Retrospective (Get In There While You Still Can!)

With Niagara Street Cafe celebrating their last few weeks of being open, in-the-know Toronto diners are scrambling to get tables at this Toronto insitution in order to experience the magic that is Niagara Street for one last time. Since 2005 Anton Potvin’s restaurant has been at the very top of Good Food Revolution’s list, as it has been for many a loyal customer over the years. Below Malcolm Jolley and Jamie Drummond share their personal memories of one of Toronto’s most adored restaurants.

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Nick Liu’s Last Supper at Niagara Street Cafe

A bittersweet evening at The Niagara Cafe on Sunday, January 29, 2012. Chef Nick Liu pushed his last service through the pass for a sold-out 10pm sitting of restaurant industry friends and fans. Jamie and I were there, and in between a lot of well poured, Anton Potvin selected, wine and the cavalcade favourite Liuwellian dishes photographically displayed in Jamie’s slideshow.

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Death Row Meal Supper Club: Taco Edition

Yesterday afternoon at Milagro’s Mercer Street location a fair-sized group of taco enthusiasts gathered for Joel Solish’s Death Row Meal Supper Club… The Taco Edition.

And what a way to spend a Sunday afternoon it was, with six Toronto Chefs presenting their take on the humble taco, each accompanied by a specially selected beer, wine, or (yikes!) tequila.

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November’s Austrian Wine News

A message from the legendary Willi Klinger, some pics from the star-studded Austrian Magnum Party at Niagara Street Cafe, and an interview with an importer of some of the most interesting Austrian wines in North America.

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5 Questions with Anton Potvin

Anton Potvin is the Owner and Sommelier of the Niagara Street Café. Potvin and Executive Chef Nick Liu are responsible for the rising success of the Niagara Street Café. While Anton is in the dining room greeting guests and mixing drinks, Chef Liu is busy in the kitchen cooking locally based dishes for the restaurant’s seasonal menu. Both men are dedicated to the fight for good food and are proud Good Food Fighters. I caught up with Potvin recently for the interview below.

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