Australian born chef Tracey Lister has made her home in Hanoi for close to a decade. Having extensively traveled the country she knows how to shop, cook and eat in Vietnam.  Foreigners and Vietnamese regularly consult Tracey in order to gain greater insight into the culinary scene of Hanoi and Vietnam.

Seeking a change from high end dining Tracey joined KOTO, a social enterprise which trains disadvantaged youth for a career in the hospitality industry. To help develop and enrich KOTO’s culinary program.  Tracey and her husband, Andreas, produced their first cookbook, KOTO: A Culinary Journey Through Vietnam.

In 2009, Tracey opened the Hanoi Cooking Centre to share her passion for Vietnamese food through cooking classes, street food tours and a café.  Recently, Travel and Leisure magazine named the HCC one of the best cooking schools around the world. And, Last year, Tracey and Andreas’ second book, Vietnamese Street Food was published and they are putting the finishing touches on their third culinary gem, due out in April 2014.

I met up with Tracey at her cooking centre in Hanoi to talk shoot the interview below.

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Cameron Stauch thumbCameron Stauch is a chef currently living in Hanoi, Vietnam. He is eating and cooking his way around Asia in search of cooks and producers who are focused on preserving and enriching their local culinary ingredients and traditions. Follow him @camcooks.