by Malcolm Jolley

Not quite in time for St. Jean de Baptiste Day, but just in time for Dominion Day from Quebec comes the Pom’Or Tradition Crackling Cider from Ciderie St-Nicolas (LCBO# 179473 – $12.95) an artisanal cidery just upstream from Quebec City. With a forbidding climate that limits wine production to a few novelty vineyards, Quebeckers have poured their passion for drinks into cider. From crisp and dry bubblies like the Pom’Or (which very easily takes the place of a sparkling wine at the beginning of a meal) to ambrosia sweet and sour ice ciders, La Belle Province has much to offer from fermented apples.

The Pom’Or is bright and crisp with a strong flavour note of… um, well, apples. I like it as an aperitif or late afternoon drink, perhaps with a bowl of fresh strawberries and cream. At 7% alcohol, you’re not liable to get into too much trouble too early in the evening and the Pom’Or’s straight forward flavour profile means it pairs nicely with whatever snacks might precede diner from olives to potato chips.

The Pom’Or comes out in Ontario in the Saturday, June 25 Vintages release. Click here to find a bottle in an LCBO store near you.