By Alexis Green

For anyone who has ever enjoyed the sip of a delicious libation or had a passion for mixology, Made With Love is a unique and inspiring event that brings the cities finest mixologists together for a night of refined revelry. Although a quiet revolution, the art of cocktails is quickly growing in popularity in cities around the world where the trends are now moving towards unique creations, inspired infusions and molecular mixology. The days of a rum and coke are fading into the background to make way for drinks that rely heavily on the characteristics of the spirits themselves and not on the mixes.

Earlier this week, Quebec’s annual Made With Love competition took place on Monday May 28th, 2012 at the well known Musée de la Civilisation in the heart of romantic Quebec City. The event brought together ten of the finest mixologists in the city who were selected from a group during a Market Race Competition held earlier this month. Each mixologist was asked to create a unique and original cocktail using the spirits provided by the event’s sponsors. To that end the two means of winning are by Public Choice where the guests give their favourite drink maker a signature dog tag, or by judge’s choice which this year included Nishantha Nepulongoda of Marché & Blowfish Toronto, Matt Jones, Sam Dalcourt and Caroline St.Laurent of Maker’s Mark Whisky and Priya Shah of Skyy Vodka.

Marc André Fillion making his cocktail the La Flush Jamaicaine

This year the event garnered over six hundred attendees and impressed their guests from beginning to end. Not only were they privy to the best cocktails in town, but Made With Love provided mouth watering appetizer in the form of mini baguettes and oyster and a surprise performance by a local jazz band that set the night afloat. Despite the size of the event, the feeling was that of an intimate gathering where all the bartenders took the time to explain each cocktail as if someone had paused the world around them.

The guests of the Made With Love Quebec event on Monday May 28th, 2012

This year’s Public Choice winner was Louis Turmel of L’Atelier with his drink Bonnie & Clyde.

Louis Turmel’s Bonnie & Clyde

And the Judge’s choice was Dominic Primard of Le Savani with his drink The Dompari.

Dominic Primard’s Dompari

The event also showcased previous winners including Brynley Leach of Chuck Hughes’ Le Bremner in Montreal and Jonathan Homier of Kronik Bar Services.

Good Food Revolution’s Alexis Green with founder Pierre-Olivier Trempe (left)

Made With Love was founded three years ago by Montreal’s own Pierre-Olivier Trempe and has been growing in success, reputation and acclaim ever since. The 2012 – 2013 tour includes Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto, Halifax, Calgary and Vancouver. For more information visit their website at or follow them on Facebook at

Alexis Green is a Toronto native living in Montreal and has been in the food, beverage and      entertainment industry for over ten years. She is also the owner of AG Design specializing in graphic design, event planning and consulting.