Toronto restaurants are helping with aid to Italy’s earthquake victims.


Neil Faba is a communications professional and food blogger with roots from the region of Italy that has been struck by the devastating earthquake of August 24. The epicenter of the quake, Amatrice, is renown among foodist as the origin on amatriciana sauce: the tomato and guanciale (cured pork jowl). As the restaurant community around the world rallied to help the quake victims, Faba has organized Toronto restaurants to join in. He’s set up a Facebook page (here), that lists participating restaurants who will donate money to the victims by serving and selling pasta alla amatriciana.

Faba told Good Food Revolution, “And as a food blogger and food lover, when I recognized the connection between the area hit and pasta Amatriciana, I knew the amazing community of restaurants in Toronto could do something great together,” and he reports that response has been overwhelming, with new restaurants joining the effort every day including Buca, Grano and Tutti Matti, to name just a few.

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