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Amy Rosen’s F*cking Delicious Recipes

Malcolm Jolley talks to Amy Rosen about her COVID cookbook PDF download…

I don’t know about you but over the course of this never ending pandemic I have spent a lot of good money on some pretty dubious internet purchases. All of that, however, was redeemed last week, when I laid down my ten Canadian dollars on the indomitable Amy Rosen’s new cookbook-like PDF download, 21 F*cking Delicious Recipes: What To Cook Every Damn Day. It’s a brilliant way for the veteran food writer and Renaissance woman to help us all get out of our COVID rutt. 21 F*cking Delicious Recipes is a tight collection of Rosen’s new and old tried and true home cooking dishes. It was put together with her pro friends from magazine days: art director Stacey Smithers, photographer Maya Visneyei, stylist (and GFR alumnus) Michelle Rabin, and it was assembled by book designer Miriam Baum. 21 F*cking Delicious Recipes is a tour de force and as much fun to read through as mouth-watering. Also, it’s $10: get one.

I caught up recently with Ms. Rosen to talk about 21 F*cking Delicious Recipes on Zoom to record the interview below…

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