Le Sommelier presents the world’s most coveted wine knife: Code38.

If wine is serious business in your world, the Code38 wine knife will be the find of your life. Incorporating the functionality and durability of state-of-the-art, stainless steel industrial design, together with a sublime, sophisticated style that has seduced sommeliers the world over. Nothing else preforms or lasts like it.

Le Sommelier is proud to launch Code38 in Canada this month, bringing the world’s top corkscrew to wine professionals across the country.

From the start, Code38 was crafted to be more than just another corkscrew. Australian Inventor Jeff Toering, an ex-aircraft engineer, was used to looking at the world through a product design and manufacture lens. The idea for Code38 came to him after ordering an expensive bottle of wine at a Sydney restaurant and watching the bottle be butchered during dinner thanks to the sommelier’s cheap, ugly waiter’s corkscrew.

The result? A corkscrew, or as he calls it, a wine knife, called Code38, which many top sommeliers say is a game-changing tool in their business.

As Jeff tells it, “I wanted to create something that you’d love and keep forever. I’ve taken great care and consideration to match the passion that has gone into the making of the wine. From the outset the Code38 was designed for the professional and it will easily open many thousands of bottles without skipping a beat.” After years of research and development, he launched the Code38 to instant acclaim, and has continued to expand the line. Today they are found worldwide, and is the corkscrew of choice in highly regarded restaurants such as The French Laundry, where it is part of the service uniform. Each Code38 is hand-finished by Jeff, and carries a lifetime guarantee. Watch a short video of the Code38 construction here.

The Code38 professional wine knife is gaining great status as an investment for life. Read here what industry professionals and wine lovers around the globe are saying about their Code38.

“I have the same relationship with my Code38 as a samurai has with his sword. I aspire to honour its craftsmanship.”  – Jack Wilkinson, Sommelier, USA

“Not only is it the best, but it’s also the sexiest wine key in the world.”  – Rajat Parr, Winemaker, USA

We are offering the P Type Professional, P-Type LIGHT, and P-Type Stealth.

Prices range from $290 – $775 CDN. For more information, or for special orders, please call me at 416.603.7026 or email bernard@lesommelier.com.


Bernard Stramwasser

Le Sommelier
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