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Life In The Time Of COVID-19 In Conversation With Winemaker Katie Dickieson, Peller Estates, Ontario, Canada

Winemaker Katie Dickieson gioves us the down-low about the last 14 months astPeller Esates.

Winemaker Katie Dickieson gives us the down-low about the last 14 months at Peller Estates.


Yesterday I had the pleasure of sitting down for a virtual drink with none other than Peller Estate‘s winemaker Katie Dickieson; we hadn’t spoken since way before the pandemic, so we had a fair bit of ground to cover.

Over the coming weeks we’ll be tasting through some of Katie’s new releases, but in this interview we talk about how COVID-19 impacted grape growing and winemaking at the winery…

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Edinburgh-born/Toronto-based Sommelier, consultant, writer, judge, and educator Jamie Drummond is the Director of Programs/Editor of Good Food Revolution… And it was lovely to “see” Katie again!

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