By Jamie Drummond

8.30am Keynote 2: Sustainability – New Zealand’s Position In A Global Industry

Chair: Clive Weston

Jamie and Jamie Goode

Speakers: Steve Smith MW, Jamie Goode, Doug Bell
Panel: Nick Mills, Max Allen, Andrew Jefford

11.30am Formal Tasting 3: Sustainable Practices and Wine Character

Steve Smith MW and Jamie

Chair: John Belsham
Panel: Ted Lemon, Max Allen, Steve Smith MW, Andrew Jefford

Formal Tasting Session

2007 Dry River Pinot Noir Martinborough (Sustainable) Beetroot, rhubarb, mild spices, herbs, good mid-palate, fine silky tannins, resins, full of energy.

2007 Palliser Estate Pinot Noir Martinborough (Sustainable) Some tarry notes, dark berry fruit, too much oak for my liking, meaty, curranty.

2007 Villa Maria Estate “Reserve” Pinot Noir Marlborough (Sustainable)
Vivacious, underripe?, red currants, raspberries, good fruit buoyancy,
Alive… it’s ALIVE! Pert and pretty. Doesn’t underdeliver. Stealthy tannic support.

2007 Montana “Letter Series – T Terraces” Pinot Noir Marlborough (Sustainable) Red cherry aromatics
backed up by some darker fruit, quite astringent on palate, greener tannins, finish more crunchingly tannic that fruity.

2007 Pyramid Valley  “Grower’s Collection – Eaton Family Vineyard” Pinot Noir (Organic Practices) Strawberries and nectarines, raspy acidity on palate. Very vinous and reminiscent of both the soil and the vine.

2007 Seresin Estate “Raupo Creek” Pinot Noir Marlborough (Biodynamic and Organic Practices) Vegetal on nose with tomato leaf, black plum and cinnamon spicing. Some char from barrel. Quite explosive on palate. Good.

2007 Seresin Estate “Home” Pinot Noir Marlborough (Biodynamic and Organic Practices) Seriously dark, ripe plum on nose. Black shoe polish… but quite appealing… unfortunately at this point I started belching tarragon from the chicken sandwiches we had been offered just before this session… nicely structured with good length.

2007 Muddy Water Pinot Noir Waipara (Biodynamic and Organic Practices) Vegetal with a SO2 note. Some floral element hiding in there… somewhere. Not enjoyable.

2007 Rippon Pinot Noir Central Otago (Biodynamic and Organic Practices) Attractive black and red fruit hits you immediately. Cherries also. Rather ripe McIntosh apple. Palate doesn’t disappoint.

2007 Mount Edward “Morrison Vineyard” Pinot Noir Central Otago (Biodynamic and Organic Practices) An interesting wine that I just couldn’t make up my mind about. Beetroot up front followed by black fruit. Lovely sweet fruit on palate, great attack. Quite lively but with a rather unpleasant funkiness that I couldn’t get past.

2007 Pyramid Valley “Calvert Vineyard” Pinot Noir Central Otago (Organic, moving to Biodynamic) Beet and red/black berry fruit. Lots of herbaceous notes.  Has a whole bunch character going on. Muscular and punchy.

2007 Felton Road “Calvert Vineyard” Pinot Noir Central Otago (Organic, moving to Biodynamic) A very polished wine. Again with quite a serious herbal quality that is most intriguing. Thyme in particular. Beautifully balanced on palate with a sustained finish.

2007 Craggy Range “Calvert Vineyard” Pinot Noir Central Otago (Organic, moving to Biodynamic)
A little lighter, a more lifted style. Again I get herbs, especially thyme… but then again it could be all of that tarragon I mentioned earlier! Very elegant and well made. Great acidity and texture. Silky tannins.

4.30pm The Grand Tasting 100 Great New Zealand Pinot Noir Producers

Edinburgh-born/Toronto-based Sommelier, consultant, writer, judge and educator Jamie Drummond is the Director of Programs/Editor of Good Food Revolution… and he really enjoys New Zealand.