Since its founding in 1934, Nikka Whisky has continually pushed the boundaries of innovation within Japan’s distilling scene. Their commitment to pioneering techniques and distinctive blends has propelled Nikka Whisky to the forefront of global admiration among spirit enthusiasts.

I’m thrilled to share the arrival of the newest addition to Nikka’s renowned Discovery Series: Nikka The Grain Whisky Discovery Series 2023 ($187.90; LCBO #35309; 48% alc./vol.). This exclusive release, limited to just 500 bottles in Ontario, represents the culmination of Nikka’s expertise and will be the final offering in the esteemed Discovery Series, making it a truly sought-after collector’s gem. Notably, this release serves as a celebratory prelude to Nikka’s upcoming 90th anniversary.

Crafted to celebrate Nikka’s legacy and future in grain whisky distillation, the Nikka Discovery 2023 release ingeniously blends grains from four distinguished Nikka distilleries: Miyagikyo, Nishinomiya, Moji, and Satsumatsukasa. Of particular significance is the inclusion of distillates from Moji and Satsumatsukasa, traditionally known for shochu production, in a Nikka whisky for the very first time. This release showcases an array of grain whiskies, including ‘specially reserved’ old Coffey grain and Coffey malt, alongside an experimental new grain derived from corn and rye.

Secure your bottle to experience the epitome of Nikka’s mastery in whisky-making.


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