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This month, Nicholas Pearce focuses on Italy…

La Bella Italia!

Italy is widely considered to be one of the most diverse wine growing countries in the world as it is rumoured to have roughly 2,000 indigenous grape varieties. Of those 2,000, just under 400 are widely recognized and vinified, a number that totals more indigenous grape varieties than France, Spain and Greece combined!

With all of these grape varieties to choose from, finding the perfect Italian wine can be a seriously delicious task. We are proud to have a wide variety of Italian wines made from a myriad of exciting grapes such as PecorinoCarricanteGarganegaRibolla GiallaNebbioloSangiovese and Nero d’Avola. Many of these wines are new releases, from new wineries, available for the first time in Ontario!

Check out our Italy wine shop for these great selections with updated tasting notes, producer profiles and food pairings



Can’t decide which one to try? We’ve got a mixed case for that!

STAFF PICKS – What’s in Our Glass…
Here are the wines that we’re currently swirling, sniffing and sipping – a constantly evolving selection of some our favourites, hidden gems and new arrivals!

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