by Kristina Roman for Rosewood Estates, a ‘Certified Good Food Fighter

Bold, balanced & smooth, Rosewood’s 2010 Merlot is proud to have won a Gold Medal at this year’s 2012 Decanter World Wine Awards.

Merlot, the often made fun of grape (just have a look at the video) is making a comeback. Known for it’s balance and concentration, Merlot can stand up to bold flavours but also achieve a level of smoothness other grapes wish they could achieve. It’s not fair that Merlot has taken a beating recently, it’s time for a mini comeback.

Saying that, the Rosewood team is very proud to introduce our Gold Medal winning 2010 Merlot. A product of a beautifully warm vintage, the 2010 Merlot inspired Rosewood’s winemaker Natalie Spytkowsky to take advantage of what Mother Nature delivered and pushed her winemaking skills to create this wine.

Last week the team found out that the 2010 Merlot took Gold Medal at the Decanter World Wine Awards. With only 6 Gold medals awarded in Canada, the Rosewood team is proud of this sleeping giant. Showing bold notes with a balanced smooth palette this wine is a great cellaring candidate but at $22.00 it’s great to enjoy now or in a few years time.

Not too long ago this same Merlot also took another award home. On May 4th, Tony Aspler’s seminal wine awards, the Ontario Wine Awards hosted by the wine loving duo of John & Zoltan Szabo, our 2010 Merlot won Silver Medal in the powerful Merlot Category.

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