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Nick Auf Der Mauer

In the second episode of a new series where we sneak into the kitchens of both well-known and lesser-known Chefs to discover some of the secrets behind their signature dishes, we join Porchetta’s Chef Nick Auf Der Mauer as he shows us the how-to behind the perfect Porchetta construction.

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Just Opened: The Atlantic

Nathan Isberg has received a lot of attention for the crickets he serves. (In fact, his insurance company tried to quash the idea, but Health Canada found no reason to impose restrictions—“no issues at all, they’re cooked!” he laughs—and the crickets are back on menu.) He breeds them himself, in glass jars on beds of straw.

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John Gundy’s Event

by Malcolm Jolley On the evening of Thursday, March 18, the bulk Toronto’s fooderatti gathered to look at pictures of what they’ve been up to over the past five years. Chefs, restaurateurs, wine makers, even writers,...

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