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Bumpercrop’s Queens of Canning

What would you do with 600 pounds of onions? If it’s the end of the summer and you’re Joanna Sable and Lisa Taerk, you get canning. The best friends “since forever” formed Bumpercrop last year in the belief that they could deliver the freshest, most in season taste of Ontario veggies all year round using grandmotherly methods and Sable’s Cordon Bleu-trained chef background to Ontario’s epicurean set.

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Healthy Butcher Farm Trip 2011 Sunday, Sept 11

We believe it is important to see where your food comes from and to know who is producing that food. We’re proud of our farmers and the excellent job they continue to do. So proud in fact that we thought we’d introduce you to them and have them show you their pride and joy, the animals they raise.

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Toronto Chef Jamie Kennedy Awarded Order Of Canada

Just before the turn of the year Good Food Revolution were delighted to hear that Toronto Chef Jamie Kennedy had been awarded the prestigious Order of Canada. We caught up with him at his busy Gilead Café where he gave us a personal account of his feelings upon being the first recipient of the Order in his particular field.

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Just Opened: Hub Coffee House and Locavorium

The room, like the kitchen, strives—and succeeds—to make an impact on patrons without actually making an impact on the environment. The collection of reclaimed woods, furniture, and fireplace mantle gives the space a comfortable and low-key feel. Two rows of worn antique metal trays of various shapes and sizes decorate one wall, a mirror another. A long Victorian-esque yellow couch sits at the open window, facing Shaw Street, and runs floor to ceiling, perpendicular to another wall of window on the north side. Hello, sunlight.

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Sarah Elton’s Locavore

by Malcolm Jolley Every season has its big book, and the big one in the Canadian food writing world this year is shaping up to be Sarah Elton’s Locavore. Elton writes about the local food scene for the Globe and Mail and...

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2010 Trends and Predictions

by Jamie Drummond and Malcolm Jolley What will happen gastronomically in 2010? Hard to say, but it seems very likely that interest will continue to grow in the farm-to-fork movement, both at the retail and restaurant levels....

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