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Braising The Night Away…

After years of making osso buco from shanks of practically every animal sold here (including the “Awesome Buco” Elk shank), blade roasts, braised oxtail, and pork or beef cheek, I’ve now taken to braising neck.

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21st century Thanksgiving: Food challenges and choices

We have many challenges to consider: we are losing our best agricultural land to development and urban sprawl; a diminishing proportion of our food is grown locally; our family farms are often unprofitable and going out of business; we are eating more processed food, and our society is unhealthy as a result; and some of us may not be getting enough food at all.

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What a Trip!

These animals are beautifully cared for and it shows. We were able to give the Wild Boars a snack of black walnuts. They crack them open with their strong jaws and nibble at the fleshy nut inside. It was cute to see the wild boar piglets (whose jaws aren’t strong enough to crack the nuts) nibbling and nuzzling the ground for the little fleshy bits of nut.

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Healthy Butcher Farm Trip 2011 Sunday, Sept 11

We believe it is important to see where your food comes from and to know who is producing that food. We’re proud of our farmers and the excellent job they continue to do. So proud in fact that we thought we’d introduce you to them and have them show you their pride and joy, the animals they raise.

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