Libra “Upstreet” Cherry Sour, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada (Alcohol 0.4%) Website and selected stores $24.95  (24 x 355ml can)

Sour beers are honestly not a style that I’m attracted to very often. Over the years, there’s been the odd one or two, but it’s certainly not a style I gravitate towards.

Now, saying that, after returning from our rural mailbox, around 3km away, on a stinking hot day, I peered into the fridge to discover a solitary can of Libra’s Cherry Sour, and it seriously hit the spot, so much so that I foresee me purchasing quite a bit of this in the near future.

The cherry hit on the nose is not quite as blatant as I have found in many other cherry beers, as it’s reasonably subdued but at the same time incredibly attractive.

On the palate, this is truly an absolute delight. The sour cherry tang is so refreshing, it’s quite easy to chug this, and I’ve never been one for chugging beers. There’s a perfect amount of carbonation here, and it sits with the fruit character rather wonderfully. 

Because of the cherry focus, it’s easy to forget that this is a non-alcoholic beer, the fruit making up for any mid-palate that the alcohol would usually fill. The finish is crisp, dry, and decidedly cherryish.

(Four out of a possible five apples)