Malcolm Jolley talks to Winely founders Abbe Hyde and Jacob Manning…

Winely CTO Abbe Hyde (centre) installs a sensor into a fermentation tank.

Abbe Hyde and Jacob Manning are the co-founders and principals of Winely, a Dunedin, New Zealand based company that offers ‘real time fermentation analysis’ to wineries. Winely’s report system gets information from sensors placed directly into the tanks and saves the time required for manual and lab analysis. Hyde and Manning are currently working with wineries in New Zealand and Australia with an eye at expansion to California and the rest of North America. They work with large wineries as well as boutique ones, especially natural wine producers who are sensitive to what’s happening in their tanks during the ferment. I spoke to them both over Zoom this week to find out more about their fledgling business and how they make wineries smarter.

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