Author: Malcolm Jolley

Gamjatang or Pork Bone Soup

Gamjatang is colloquially translated on menus as “pork bone soup”, which makes sense since it’s composed of a broth made from porcine ossein. The menus describe these pig parts as “pig neck”, which appears anatomically correct, though I think it may include some vertebrae below the shoulders. The literal translation of gamjatang, though, is “potato soup”, and spuds make up the second main ingredient (an Asian rarity – at least on this side of the Pacific).

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GFR in 2010 and Food and Wine Trends for 2011

2010 was the foundational year for Good Food Revolution. We established ourselves as a viable going concern with the support of tens of thousands of people who care about food and wine in Southern Ontario and the financial support of our Certified Good Food Fighters, who believe the good food movement needs and deserves an independent media voice.

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Harold McGee on Good Food

I would say is that ‘On Food and Cooking’ is a book that’s meant to be read in an armchair, and maybe for half an hour at a time. But ‘Keys to Good Cooking’ is meant to be read in the kitchen, standing up and only a paragraph at a time to answer very specific questions as you’re cooking, or are getting prepared to cook.

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Dinner With Nigella

When Nigella Lawson entered the ballroom at the Fairmont Royal York there was barely a neck untwisted. Lawson commands attention, and even a crowd of respectable, polite Canadian foodies were not immune to her powers of drawing a gaze…

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