By Jamie Drummond

Just the other week Chef Howard Dubrovsky of College Street’s Live And Breathe invited GFR to a unique Harvest Dinner with a special menu designed to compliment and enhance a selection of wines from Niagara’s Organized Crime winery.

On hand to speak to the wines were both owner Krystyna Tarasewicz and Sommelier Nicholas Pearce of Tannin Fine Wine.

The crowd included Buddha Dog‘s Andrew McKenzie, OCTA‘s Rebecca LeHeup, The Thirsty Traveller Kevin Brauch, and Photographer Steven Elphick.

In the kitchen Chef Dubrovsky was ably assisted by Alex Moliz, with the two assembling an extremely accomplished meal that sat admirably with the night’s wines.

L.A.B. plan to host a series of wine-focused dinners in the coming months, so keep an eye on their website for more information .

Harvest Wine Dinner at Live and Breathe

The exterior of College Street's L.A.B.

Boudin blanc, apple, date, and fennel paired with 2010 Organized Crime Pinot Gris

Organized Crime's Krystyna Tarasewicz

Corn royale with parmesan ("royale with cheese" ) paired with 2009 Organized Crime 2009 Fume Blanc

Scallop with apricot foam, brown butter and pickled plum paired with 2008 Organized Crime Chardonnay Reserve

OCTA's Rebecca LeHeup and Photographer Steven Elphick

The Thirsty Traveller, Kevin Brauch and Buddah Dog's Andrew McKenzie

A delightful communal harvest table

Duck two ways, raspberry and juniper, and caramelized onion cake paired with 2007 Organized Crime Pinot Noir

Veal cheek, spinach and egg yolk ravioli, cipolini onions, beets paired with 2007 Organized Crime Cabernet Sauvignon

Kevin Brauch and some of the L.A.B. crew

Pumpkin ice cream, cardamom crumble, chamomile foam, candied pumpkin paired with 2010 Organized Crime off dry Riesling

The talented kitchen and front-of-house of L.A.B.

Edinburgh-born/Toronto-based Sommelier, consultant, writer, judge, and educator Jamie Drummond is the Director of Programs/Editor of Good Food Revolution… and he was most impressed by his very first visit to L.A.B.