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A bit about Pearce Predhomme Wines – Stellenbosch, Willamette Valley and Niagara Peninsula.
With their inaugural vintage in 2013, Canadian Sommelier, Will Predhomme and Wine Merchant, Nicholas Pearce set out to produce wines from around the world in 3 of their favourite wine regions. With a passion and connection to Stellenbosch, Willamette Valley and Niagara Peninsula, the Pearce Predhomme range of wines has grown organically over the years. Focusing on old world varietals that have best adapted to these New World growing regions, they tell the story of each viticultural area’s history and terroir through a pair of hand-crafted wines. Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris in the Willamette Valley, Oregon, Chenin Blanc and Cinsault-Syrah in Stellenbosch, South Africa and closest to their home in Canada, biodynamic Chardonnay and Cabernet Franc in the Niagara Peninsula, Ontario.

Their recipe is pretty simple. You take Will Predhomme’s devotion as a Sommelier to wines of purity that speak of their place with “no BS”, and you blend that with Nicholas’ devotion to distributing wines that are accessible, interesting and punch way above their price point. Sticking to this basic recipe, their wines have earned great critical praise and developed a huge following in and out of restaurants.

Will Predhomme and Nicholas Pearce are not the only individuals behind each wine. They have partnered with the best vignerons and their teams in each country to enjoy access to some of the top vineyard sites, old barrels and the local know-how. Working closely with their local crews, they can be sure to harness the finer nuances and differences that make each vintage special and unique.

The winemaking is left as simple and traditional as possible with minimal additions of anything other than the grapes and a preference for fermentations and elevage in steel or concrete tanks and large, neutral French barrels.

Despite the diversity and differences of their chosen wine regions, there is a common theme throughout the farming and winemaking approach. Hard work is done in the vineyards during the growing season. Sustainable farming practises are used in all the different vineyards. They all include closely working in harmony with mother nature, but some go as far as employing certified organic and biodynamic practises.

As serious as this all sounds. Nick and Will do this because they love great wines & great people. Their wines help tie it all together.

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