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Canada’s New Food Writing Awards

While Gelbart sees her job as “streamline and simplify” she also hopes to add some glamour to the Food Writing Awards ceremony and is currently looking for a new Toronto venue. She does not rule out future awards ceremonies being held in other Canadian cities in other years.

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Anita Stewart’s Food Day Canada

Anita Stewart’s Food Day Canada will envelope the nation on Saturday, July 30th. While hundreds of restaurants that are registered because of their commitment to local ingredients will be serving delicious dominion dishes and vying for bragging rights to Food Day Canada’s ‘Innovation Award’ (won by St. John’s Bacalao on 2010), regular folks are equally encouraged to get out there on the long weekend and cook something Canadian and share their menu with the country at fooddaycanada.ca, there’s even an award for the “wildest one”.

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In Season Now: Day Lilies and Begonias

Does anyone fancy a little Hemerocallis fulva? I mean, of course, day lily, the bright orange (or red, or yellow or bright coloured and striped) flowers that pop-up right around now. In East Asia, the flower has been used in cooking forever, often translated as golden needles and an important ingredient for moo shu pork.

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