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Vikram Vij Brings His Feasts East

Although a visit to Vij’s Vancouver notable restaurant is alwaysl in order, Fenugreek Cream Curry, Chicken Curry, and Coconut Masala (among many others) – can all be yours and mine in Toronto, and just in time for spring entertaining! Perfect.

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An Authentic Indian Feast

Vij’s unique prepared curries, inspired by popular original recipes from Vij’s Restaurant, are available from the freezer at All The Best. They are made with loving care in a purpose-built kitchen in Surrey. B.C.

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Vikram Vij’s Big Year

Vancouver author, chef and restaurateur Vikram Vij was in Toronto recently. Good Food Revolution caught up to him at All The Best Fine Foods, where Vij made a public appearance in suport of the line of prepared Indian “Vij’s” foods he “exports” from The Lower Mainland. Vij explains the changes afoot at his restaurant and kitchens.

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Oceans for Tomorrow: Canadian Chefs’ Congress 2010

It was much more than a food festival. It was two plus days of inspiration and all things culinary including discussion about food policy, sustainability, educational workshops on ocean foods, a cook-off, wine and food tastings, and communal meals. The mood was celebratory – despite some serious rain – and the approximately 500 attendees (250 of them chefs) seemed energized, stimulated and inspired by the Canadian Chefs’ Congress 2010.

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Mr. Bourdain Comes To Hogtown

Happily munching on Chef Anthony Rose’s suckling pig and foie gras sandwiches and drawing steadily on an ever present pint of Creemore (he adapts quickly to local custom, Bourdain), the man of the hour was the epitome of calm and cool. And friendly and funny and pretty much just like the character on his television shows and the narrative voice in his books. There are few things as pleasingly life affirming than finding out your hero is a decent guy.

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