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Fermin Martin’s Ibérico Ham

Ibérico ham comes from the Ibérico pig, a descendent of the wild boar that once inhabited the forests of the entire Mediterranean shoreline. The pigs still roam free to graze in the dehesas of the southwestern Iberian Peninsula and prior to slaughter are fed an exclusive diet of fallen acorns which results in hams of remarkable tenderness and texture.

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Charcuterie at Rundles Cooking Classes: A Photo Essay

Rundles Restaurant is located in the heart of picturesque Stratford, Ontario and offers a unique culinary experience for those interested in a true “hands on” cooking experience. This week we present some superb pictures from Rundles Charcuterie classes which show just how intense and hands on Chef Baxter’s classes can be!

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Michael Steh and the Slow Food Chef Dinner Series

Chef Michael Steh, of reds bistro in Toronto’s financial district, is famed for his homemade charcuterie and commitment to Slow Food. Arlene Stein, Co-Leader of Slow Food Toronto, recently sat down with Chef Steh and GFR brought our video camera along. Stein asks Steh to talk about the dinner he’s hosting for a compendium of SF chefs including Jamie Kennedy, Chris McDonald, Donna Dooher, Jeff Crump, David Chrystian, Mark Cutrara, Jonathan Gushue, Kevin McKenna, Jason Innis, Afrim Pristine, David Castellan, Bertrand Alépée and Leslie Steh. He also explains why Slow Food is important to him and what he does at reds.

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George’s Tamworth Diary Part 2

by Fiona Lim and Joel McDonald This is the second instalment in an ongoing GFR series by Fiona Lim, Executive Sous Chef at George restaurant. Under the watchful eye of Executive Chef Lorenzo Loseto, Chef de Partie Joel McDonald...

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George’s Tamworth Diary

by Fiona Lim Located just outside of Stratford, Ontario, the Perth Pork Products is owned and operated by Fred and Ingrid de Martines and their children. Originally from The Netherlands, they bought the farm in 1979. Fred...

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