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Kids at Brick Works

The Evergreen Brick Works is famous for its Saturday farmers market and as a venue for fancy parties and food festivals, but there’s lots for kids to do around food there too. EBW’s Food Program Manager, Marina...

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Food Truck Eats Part One

It’s turning out to be a rather busy Summer for food events. This weekend sees the inaugural Ontario Food Truck Eats event in the Distillery District, something that we feel is certainly something to shout about! Good Food Revolution caught up with organiser Suresh Doss to get the lowdown on this weekend’s proceedings:

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Animating Good Food Ideas

Eating seems to be getting really difficult. Every day we’re faced with big, moral, ethical, and not to mention personal questions when standing in the grocery aisle. Where is our food from? How was it made? What rare lynx was harmed in the gathering, transporting, storing of this flawless, shiny mango-tangerine hybrid?

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Chefs for Change – Whites and Aprons at City Hall

In this same spirit, I put a call out to my fellow chefs to support this food strategy, to let city government know that good food is important to us, and that we as food professionals are concerned with food issues both inside and outside of our restaurants. I was convinced that the visual of chefs’ whites and aprons in City Hall was an important one, and wanted to make sure that we went on the record in support of a holistic and comprehensive food strategy for our city.

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Monforte Dairy Hootenanny

by Joshna Maharaj Ruth Klahsen and friend. Photo: John Gundy When I pulled into the parking lot of the Fesitval Theatre in Stratford last Sunday morning, there was a lamb spinning on a spit, two caja chinas with beautiful white...

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John Gundy’s Event

by Malcolm Jolley On the evening of Thursday, March 18, the bulk Toronto’s fooderatti gathered to look at pictures of what they’ve been up to over the past five years. Chefs, restaurateurs, wine makers, even writers,...

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Slow Food Game Dinner

Slow Food Chef Dinner Series Ontario Wild Game Dinner Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010 7 p.m., Wine Bar/Hank’s 9 Church St. ,Toronto, ON. Slow Food Toronto Chefs joining us for this evening : Joshna Maharaj (Food Studio)...

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