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Rosehall Run Wine Dinner at Globe Earth April 4

We are pleased to announce the latest in our series if Wine Maker’s Dinners with Dan Sullivan from Rosehall Run Vineyards.

Join us for a 5-course tasting menu paired with a wide array of wines from Rosehall. Dan will provide insight into the wines from the vineyard to the bottle from the perspective of a one of the top makers of wine in Prince Edward County.

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PEC’s Terroir Run – May 29

LeHeup says it was (appropriately enough) over a glass of county Pinot Noir that she and Mackenzie realised that the Hillier area of the county, northwest of Wellington, would make a great staging area for a group run and the vineyards along the pretty country roads and lanes would make perfect landmarks along the way.

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Seriously Cool Chardonnay

Six of the twenty-two Ontario wineries that participated in the Seriously Cool Chardonnay event in New York City this past week (March 8, 2011) were from Prince Edward County. The event was a follow-up to the one held in London England last spring when the world was introduced to cool-climate chardonnay from Ontario and British Columbia in a big, big way.

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Letter From Prince Edward County

The Duke makes no pretension of being anything than two rooms and a patio by the side of the road in Waupoos, population 175. The taps have the Loyalist Lager, and the dark beer from the county’s Barley Days Brewery, and the third one is (of course) Waupoos Cider, from the County Cider Company, a few clicks east down the road. The menu is simple as can be, written out periodically on a piece of 8½ x 11 paper. There is no deep fryer, everything comes with a salad of just picked local greens (my guess is they come from Vicki’s Veggies, but only because the iconic organic farm was mentioned elsewhere on the menu, and they’re not too far away).

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